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Our wage management solutions ensure that a company’s salaries and bonuses remain competitive within the industry and equitable within the organization

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Wage Management Solution

Our solution offers numerous ways to enhance a Government’s ability to, on a real-time basis, monitor, control, and gather the knowledge related to the payment of wages, pensions, employment terms, labor market trends, skills profiles, employment fraud, and employer non-compliance and abuse.

Similarly, it offers banks, pension funds, employers, workers, and other third-parties that are integral to the success of any wage and labor protection initiative, the ability to benefit from more efficient and cost effective ways of providing services and undertaking requisite administrative, servicing, and reporting tasks. Employees benefit from automatic and guaranteed deposit of wages into their accounts and have immediate access to funds without the need to wait in queues to receive or cash checks.

key features

  • Generation and submission of employee files by employer
  • Individualized employee wage information (hourly, monthly and annual wages, ages paid to date)
  • Term of employment contract & associated sponsorship period
  • Employment status probation/permanent
  • Validation of employee or wage data and reconciliation of payments with
  • Payment of end of employment benefit
  • Employment transfers
  • Automatic calculation.

  • Government databases

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