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Our software offers a smart and flexible online leave management service that benefits employees and HR personnel. Leave-related information can be accessed through the application module, anytime and anywhere.

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About Leave Management Services

Intune’s Helpline Consultants are available to clients at any time during business hours to address questions and concerns related to State and other government leaves. The consultants can speak about the compliance issues, sensitive employee relations and return-to-work considerations.

Additionally, through our reference library, members can receive sample letters, notices, tracking tools, policies and guidelines.

When the challenges of administering and managing leaves becomes cumbersome, members can work with Intune’s Leave Management partners to take advantage of full-service outsourcing.

Intune’s partners can manage a full range of leaves

Common or Personal

Medical Related

Complex and/or Overlapping


The expert consultants will review your employee handbook to ensure that your LOA policies are compliant. They will evaluate your employees’ requests for leave and manage the entire tracking and compliance process, from initial request to the return to work.

Intune’s Leave Management Services are designed to help employers focus on their strategic goals and initiatives, not burdensome leave administration. For additional information, please contact our customer today!

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